The G-Trainer anti-gravity treadmill is a state-of-the-art machine which enables users to reduce their effective body weight during exercise.  This technology allows patients to recover from injuries and surgeries much faster, gives athletes a huge advantage by allowing them to train at much higher speeds and run more volume without risking overuse injuries, and provides a unique new workout experience for all active people.  Used by many professional sports' teams, our G Trainer is the only one in Los Angeles available for the public's use.  And, even better, your insurance may cover your use on the Treadmill.  Come check it out and see what it can do for you.  Some of the details are listed below, but if you really want to experience what it's like to be able to exercise at a fraction of your current weight, call us for a free trial, and let one of our physical therapists show you how you can optimize the technology only professional teams usually have access to for your own goals.


Unrestricted Mobility

The G-Trainer anti-gravity treadmill uses compression shorts to create an air-tight seal allowing the user to be "lifted" with air from their center of gravity.  This is much better than other over the shoulder harness systems because it allows normal walking and running mechanics with no restrictions of the ankles, knees, hips, or low back motions.


Natural Body Movement

The user's movement is not compromised by resistance. Unlike a pool which has wave movement and water resistance as factors or a harness system that restricts normal breathing and adds strain to the upper body, the G-Trainer allows for normal body positioning and unaffected stride mechanics. The G-Trainer's supportive force occurs at the user's core and is uniformly distributed making it very comfortable while allowing for consistent, natural body movement.



Huge Speed, Incline, and Body Weight Adjustments

With the G-Trainer, users can run as fast as 18mph forward or 10mph backward, can incline to 15% and reduce body weight as low as 20% of normal weight.  Body weight can also be adjusted in 1% increments to provide the most effective, efficient workout.


The Technology

The anti-gravity technology behind the G-Trainer was originally developed at NASA. Air pressure is used to give the user a feeling of unweighting allowing them to set their effective body weight between 20 and 100% in 1% increments.

Per-use options:

25 minute session = $30

55 minute session = $60

5 session pass = $125

10 session pass = $250


Membership Options

Call for details


10 minute trial = free

(please call to schedule)