Kelsea Brajkovich, DPT

Kelsea Brajkovich, DPT

Playa Vista/Culver City

Kelsea earned her doctorate of physical therapy degree from UCSF/SFSU and her bachelor’s degree in biology with interdisciplinary honors from the University of Washington in Seattle. 

Kelsea’s interest in physical therapy stems from her experiences personally recovering from injuries while competing as a Division I athlete for the University of Washington’s varsity women’s soccer team.  She strongly believes that physical therapy should empower people.  With every patient her goal is to make a physical change to relieve pain or improve performance, teach the patient something about his or her body, and restore the patient’s independence.  She relies on continuous education and communication to guide patients through manual therapy treatments, neuromuscular re-education, and exercise to get them back on the field, playing with their children, or getting through a day at their desk job.   

In her free time Kelsea enjoys hiking, kayaking, skiing, and spending time with friends on the beach.